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Betting Perm Chart

Betting Perm Chart

Racing and Sports Service Disclaimer



Whilst every effort is made to ensure that we achieve as much success currently as we have in the past, we cannot guarantee the future and no past results achieved, no matter how good, proves that the same will happen in the future.   Whilst we expect that we continue to achieve good results the responsibility to bet or not lies with you and we do not accept responsibility for any losses incurred.  We promote responsible gambling and do our best to achieve the best possible results.


There can be no refunds on this service as it is an information service supplied in good faith and with the best efforts.  Winning at Racing or Trading requires that the users disipline and psychology are sound.  It is simply not enough to have great selections, if one doesn't follow the advice or is inconsistant with staking, then returns can be affected.   One should in the first instance ensure that money is put aside for betting and this should not be essential monies for living but instead disposable income that one can afford to lose.  This money constitutes the "Betting Bank" and it should be of suffiecient size for the method being employed.  One should not yo-yo stake and not increase stake after a good few wins nor lower one stake after a few losers. Winners follow losers and vice versa.  It is a big mistake to respond emotionally to the results, whether good or bad as this will cause one to make errors of judgement.  Please ask for and read my Ebooks, I will email them you at no charge.  


Results are compiled by a third party, the "results compiler".  I simply don't have the time to do this, regularly enough and personally simply watch my bottom line.  So I have someone else do this for me.    Due to study of the results etc, "Optimised" odds ranges are given.   This is the area that the selections are proving to be most profitable.  It is a simple matter only to bet within that range if betting at Bog or BST.  However if one using Betfair and is betting at BSP, than  a Betting Bot in some instances is required.  Results are also shown using this approach. 


If a potential customer is not sure which service to join they should email me and ask advice, giving me their personal betting preferences and style.  I will answer asap and usually the same day.


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