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Delighted Subscribers Comments.


BSP only backer makes over a 100pts in 23 days.

"great winner for Hurdle Glory Gold

advised 28/1
SP 16/1
BSP (my bet)  42.0   !!
My bank is now 200 > 302 after 23 days!  Great stuff!



Hi Allan,

Well done today !
Best £3 I have spent in a while, Allan !!
Thank you
Hi Allan,
just had to say thanks for a brilliant winning day today.
Let's hope for another tomorrow!
Kind regards,
Happy days Allan - Ascot Day romps home at 20.14 BSP  . Thank you 


Good win on Ascot Day. Unfortunately I bottled it a bit and only went each way on it at that price.


Outstanding stuff today Allan.Thankyou
£3 per week ! - anybody who doesn't subscribe to this wants their head feeling    (my note, it is now £6.00)
As luck would have it because we were moving house and all very busy for some reason l backed the 16/1 twice which was a good mistake to make !!!!! B.

You obviously are heart and soul into finding winners and l don't care what anyone else thinks that will do for me and if l can make a serious income from your picks it will be the best thing that has happened to me for years l only wish l had done it before as 500 - 1000 per month would have saved our house B


Outstanding day on the 12th of August.  Brought a multitude of comments.

Brilliant winner  Tajaanus @  13.29   Going to be really good profits again this week

Yes  just seen another winner  Navel Warfare  @ 6.72   and a couple of Non Runners

And now Fire Brigade @ 2.06     I will have the end of week profits for you in the morning and I think they are going to look good......and I bet the 10% from £100 rolling going to be MASSIVE


And now Star Maker @5.9   Has this system ever had such a good day...I know the first day  3rd July was good but today must be even better....I bet that 10% of £100  would have made almost 2 million today in 6 weeks....hell bragging rights or what :):):)

Again  something you may not a 10p win Goliath on the first 8 selections  would have returned £1690

Now something more you may not know.....Had you done the last 8 selections instead of the first 8 selection in a 10p goliath  stake of £24.70   you would have got back £15,288.....wonder how many tipsters can brag a result like that....oh and by the way I will have to revise my calculation ref 10% of 100 in 5 weeks...I won't know till I have done it all tomorrow..but I think it will be near to 5 million...I may be wrong...we shall see in the morning..
Anyway  whatever
Today has been the single best day I have ever seen for winners in regards to losers and prices...that's in 45 years of betting.......It will take a long time to better this.......Well maybe not with Betday




3.40 BSP13.3/3.35  BOG was 10/1

Neednt do any more this afternoon - but I am !!
How did you get hold of tomorrows results page at 2.00 a.m. this morning !!!
Thats a 1300/1 accumulator
Wow!! Many, many thanks Allan - absolutely fantastic results 😀

Hi Allan, ave just got back from watching my team Everton, just checked the results, what can i say, amazing, thank you so much, at last a find a tipster that produced the goods, thank you again and enjoy your evening  i no i will ,


Another unbelievable day Allan - your systems are churning out winners like a dream.
Thank you so much
wow, wow, wow - you're a genius!
spectacular results today mate.
My bank on TBE doubled itself using 2% ratchet !!  (BetDay and Sword combined)
All I can say is Wow!

Well done today, Allan, on Betday. :)




Hi Allan,

What more can I add.
Absolutely Fantastic!
Kind regards,



WOW!!  Well done Allan.

The winners just kept coming in today on the BETDAY and SWORD, Best week I have had in a long time



Just out of interest today , 365 up £298.53 , Bfair up £177.26 , Power up £125.77 !

Two on just £2 bets and 365 on £4 bets the rest made up by very small ie 10p crossed multiples !!!
So all round you might say some day !!!
Do me very nicely , thank you .
Do you have a crystal ball? Fantastic results that leave other so called professionals looking pretty pathetic. I have just renewed at what is more than a reasonable price.
Just done a quick tally of the £100 staking 10%
When today started the total had reached £331,369
I make it that after today's results that figure would have risen to 
That was starting with just £100 on the 3rd July....totally wipes Bitcoin off the map...if you would have been able to place the bets 
BTW  the next bet would be 

£380,977.60  :):)

Hello Allan.

Once again, a brilliant day yesterday - thank you, thank you, thank you .
Kind regards,


Hello Allan


Sometimes you just need a bit of luck. This morning I thought I had backed Empress Ali with £20 at 12-1. I came back to the site some hours later to find a message from Bet365 saying the price had come down to 9-1 and would I take that price. Assuming I had no choice, I said yes but feeling very sorry I had missed out on the 12-1. I then discovered that I had two £20 bets at 12-1 and 9-1. Watching the race was definitely not good for my blood pressure (but my wife is most impressed with my 'mistake')!


Thanks so much. £50 bank on 25th July has become £1200 with the £50 back in my pocket.







We get some Fantastic Big Winners

Mark Johnston