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Betfair Raider

Specialised service for Betfair betting @ BSP.


Focusing on the bigger races and the biggest prices.

Strict Criteria for each selection.  Only certain races and race types are used and selection criteria is very strict. So not many selections.

Highlights Big Priced Winners.    No selection will be sent out that is less than 20/1 at at least one bookmaker. However you use Betfair and back at BSP on BETFAIR EXCHANGE.   We do not bet on Betfair Sportsbook

Massive priced winners.  You don't need to stake much to get good returns.

Low cost specialised service.


Please be sure to bet @ Betfair Starting Price on the Betfair EXCHANGE  not SP on the Betfair Sportsbook.  Sportsbook returns are Isp. Industry standard prices or SP the same as every other bookmaker. Exchanges are different prices altogether.  A big advantage for us in Betting at BSP is that we will very often get returns very much more than ISP or SP at standard bookmakers. 


If you cannot bet on Betfair for any reason, you could use Betdaq XSP.     To do that you need to put in a crazy silly price that no one will match and click, if price not taken, take XSP.




Betfair Raider £29.99 month.

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Some Results

Start Date  29th June 2022

"Hi Allan, Congratulations on your massive winner (44.00 BSP).with your new service."

Selections to and including 6th July


29 pts Out.   95.12 Return     Profit + 66 pts.