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A Racing Story

Hi from Allan...

I have a story to tell you.
I have been in betting for over 40 years now.  I found my way to profitable betting in my local bookmakers.  About that long ago, there I was in the betting shop, being watched closely by a guy named Frank.   He noticed I had a knack of winning, knew my way around the form book and was good with figures.  After a while, he approached me and asked if I would help him out.   His formula came in two parts and it took quite a time for him to do it, so he asked if I would do the first part for him and get the figures to him by racing start.  I agreed and he taught me the first part of his method.  Now while Frank had noticed me, I had noticed him, every day almost he seemed to leave the shop with a handful of cash.   His plan was back long shots at low stakes.   His low stake was a tenner a bet, bit rich for me at that time, but he landed big shot horses all the time.  One day he had narrowed it down to two horses, normally there was just one and he asked me to pick the winner of those two........both were good prices.  One about 12/1 the other somewhere higher than 25/1.   Of course I went for the shorter priced of the two.  Frank shook his head.....The 25/1 horse had come in from somewhere north of 40/1, the other from about 20/1, there was some good form backing up the 12/1 shot, so a shortening was reasonable.   However what on earth had warranted the backing of the longer priced horse.......something but not something obvious and not something the general public were privy too.    I learned a valuable lesson that I watched the 25/1 shot romp home.  I don't know what happened to Frank, I know he lived somewhere near where I live now, definitely the same street......possibly the same house!  Frank never went big with his bets, he aimed to make about £50 a day and used to say, "how many pies can you eat" as explanation.  I never learned all his method but what I did learn was invaluable and many of my long shot finding methods spring from the philosophy I learned whilst betting with Frank.   My hat is off to him.
Some years later.......I was in a betting shop in another town and saw a guy write out a bet slip with a horse at 50/1............I was next in the que, my horse was in the same race.....I tore my slip up, went back over the race and could find very little reason why the horse he had picked would win.......nutter?  Well he was in a fancy suit and was very well presented, not a tin can kicker at all.  I walked over to him and cheekily said, there is no reason I can find why that horse you just picked should win.... he laughed, "nothing you will find on these walls anyway" he said.  
Mmmn............this guys a pro, I can feel it.   Wrote out the slip and put the 50/1 shot down.   Won! Again a valuable lesson learned, look beyond the obvious.
Over the years I have created many winning methods and some computer programs.  "The Sword" which won the  Smart Sig Computer challenge beating 20 something other programs, which wasn't too hard because none of them made any money!    The Sword made +14% after 10% tax......remember those days.  Not bad for a something that couldn't think!    Then I created the Majestic Programs and they did well too, featuring my own Ai arrays and ai rate calculater.   To this I added my speed program, which added a whole new dimension to Majestic. I also had a simple dos methods, "The Shield" for class B handicaps  few years prior to that.
Now I have developed many great methods for making profits at horse racing and this is your portal to your best chance of betting success

Racing and Sports Service Disclaimer



Whilst every effort is made to ensure that we achieve as much success currently as we have in the past, we cannot guarantee the future and no past results achieved, no matter how good, proves that the same will happen in the future.   Whilst we expect that we continue to achieve good results the responsibility to bet or not lies with you and we do not accept responsibility for any losses incurred.  We promote responsible gambling and do our best to achieve the best possible results.


There can be no refunds on this service as it is an information service supplied in good faith and with the best efforts.  Winning at Racing or Trading requires that the users disipline and psychology are sound.  It is simply not enough to have great selections, if one doesn't follow the advice or is inconsistant with staking, then returns can be affected.   One should in the first instance ensure that money is put aside for betting and this should not be essential monies for living but instead disposable income that one can afford to lose.  This money constitutes the "Betting Bank" and it should be of suffiecient size for the method being employed.  One should not yo-yo stake and not increase stake after a good few wins nor lower one stake after a few losers. Winners follow losers and vice versa.  It is a big mistake to respond emotionally to the results, whether good or bad as this will cause one to make errors of judgement.  Please ask for and read my Ebooks, I will email them you at no charge.  


Results are compiled by a third party, the "results compiler".  I simply don't have the time to do this, regularly enough and personally simply watch my bottom line.  So I have someone else do this for me.    Due to study of the results etc, "Optimised" odds ranges are given.   This is the area that the selections are proving to be most profitable.  It is a simple matter only to bet within that range if betting at Bog or BST.  However if one using Betfair and is betting at BSP, than  a Betting Bot in some instances is required.  Results are also shown using this approach. 


If a potential customer is not sure which service to join they should email me and ask advice, giving me their personal betting preferences and style.  I will answer asap and usually the same day.

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